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Kill Em and Burn Em

The photographs haven't yet appeared in our local  newspapers, but on the television there they are in all their horror. Huge skips full to overflowing with dead sheep, their legs in the air, presumably soaked in gasoline or kerosene, and burning away quietly with lots of dark smoke fouling the atmosphere. (more)

Words, New, Odd or Dirty

On a recent visit to England it was in a headline of the London Daily Telegraph that I noticed the word DOH. How strange, I thought, that they were using Bajan spelling for the word though. But that meaning made no sense for the rest of the headline. So I looked up doh in the SHORTER OXFORD and THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA finding only that Doh was the name of a shaman in the Finno-Ugric Creation myth. That didn't help either. So I'm still ignorant of the meaning of doh. (more)

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